Discover what feeds your mind, body and soul

At Embodied Empowerment we believe in  strength in community. By bringing together a wonderfully diverse community of well-being practitioners that supports and inspires, we as a community can support and inspire you too.


Enjoy discovering what feeds your mind, body and soul.

Love Sophie & Villia

Life is abundant in all things! It can be full of surprises, adventures and unforeseen challenges. Finding your own way to navigate through the wonderful lessons the universe offers can be quite an adventure in itself! 


Whether you suffer from pain, burn-out, stress, or you simply believe that nourishing yourself is a great thing to do, we have an array of experiences, classes and events to choose from.


Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, women groups, breath work and full moon circles all year round.


Day retreats, massage events, mindful walks in nature and more...


Sharings and well being tips from our community of practitioners 


Meet our unique community who are here to support your well-being journey.

“After months of feeling tired, having back pains and feeling restless, I had a very focused, energetic day and I felt much more self-confident. That must be the result of this experience!”

Marije Severs -  Amsterdam


One of our important principles is that we provide tangible experiences that leave our guests feeling more empowered to walk their paths with clarity. We don’t just want you to talk the talk we want you to be able to walk the walk!


Through every experience, you go through you gain more and more insights within your body and mind. This is the beginning of creating your unique life navigation tool kit! Something that you can lean on and depend on when life gets that particular flavour of interesting!


We at Embodied Empowerment endeavour to keep providing you and our ever growing community more opportunities to build up your tool kit.

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Wildlife Wellness Walks are nature walks that are about mental health, contact with the neighborhood and a clean living environment.


We are currently in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West competition for neighborhood initiatives.

Our location

Our unique location is set within Sloterplas Park, situated alongside the water on a peaceful island off the main park area.

Part of our approach is to offer our unique location to well-being practitioners and teachers so together we can strengthen ourselves and the community around us.

If you are interested in hosting your event our class with us, you can book the location.

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