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Autumn An invitation to embrace change

Autumn is here in full flow, with the leaves on the trees falling with grace having displayed their wonderful array of colours, which has been such a feast for our eyes. Maybe you welcome this change of season or perhaps this shift has already begun to take its toll on you in some way?

With so much change around us both in the environment we inhabit and the ever-changing living and working situations we need to constantly adapt to, it can be hard to feel the ground and even take the rest we so desperately crave.

This is a time to receive the teachings and wisdom of the natural world, to let go of what we no longer need and turn inwards, returning more and more to our centre, to our roots.

The trees that line Sloterplas and our Embodied Empowerment home are seen at this time dancing in the wind, releasing the leaves that filled them with the energy of the summer sun. There is no resistance in this process, instead, a letting go with a deep knowing and trust in the cycle of change. Trusting that now at this turn of the season, it is time to conserve energy, draw in and focus on nourishing our roots which offer us stability and grounding, essential for the days, weeks and months ahead.

The power of silence

Being in silence is a wonderful way to preserve your energy and return to your centre. In the quiet is where our deeper needs and desires can emerge from the depths of our being, without force or haste. They can ripple up to the surface, into our consciousness at their own authentic pace. Enabling us to receive them graciously and openly with clarity.

It is because of this power of silence that we offer our Silent Retreat Days throughout the year. The next edition and final for 2020 is coming up on Sunday 6th December.

Imagine a day of no distractions, nature and nourishment all for you. Time to just listen and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Our Silent Retreat Days have ever-changing themes and guest teachers offering different experiences for you to go deeper within yourself. Whilst being quiet you have the space to feel, rest and reflect.

To discover the wonderful themes and gifts of the Silent Retreat Day we have planned, take a look at our event page. Here you can also reserve your place, taking another brave step into discovering how to bring a deeper sense of balance and well-being for yourself.

You are very welcome.

Silent Day Retreat - Let the Universe do the Talking -

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