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“Be kind to strangers, lest they be Angels in disguise".

Updated: Jan 16

Photo by Marek Piwnicki 

Gather around, dear ones, because I'm about to share my journey of working with Angels!

These celestial beings are a force to be reckoned with, and I've spent countless years tapping into their many talents. From spiritual growth to finding a parking place in a packed city, I've discovered that engaging with angelic energy is like unlocking the ultimate cheat sheet in life. I've been hanging out with angles for years, working daily with their magical energy. I'm eager to share how it can broaden your perception of reality. These beautiful beings of light have graced me with all kinds of wisdom and guidance, through thick and thin and let me tell you, they're the real deal!

But, wait not until the storm clouds gather to give them a call because Angels are always ready to add sparkle to our lives. Once you've experienced the easy and often instantaneous response to your calls, you too will invite them to grace your life with unexpected miracles.

So why not take a moment to connect with these heavenly helpers? 

Let's first bring some understanding into our discussion before we start something truly magical.

What are Angels?

According to theistic faiths like Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the word angel refers to a supernatural spiritual being who serves God. In even older spiritual practices such as Buddisim Angels are those who have achieved nirvana or the highest form of spiritual attainment.

In my practice, Shamanism, recognised as the oldest spiritual and mystical practice, we work with them as partners. They represent the light of Spirit, part of the wider unseen Universal energy of which we are a part and surrounds us always. 

When you hear the word, “Angel”, what comes up for you?

Do you think of religious stories or family traditions?

Do you picture them vividly like a movie or hear them in your head like a favourite tune?

Maybe you imagine what they may look like through art or how they would be in person if you met them. 

More importantly, how do these thoughts make you feel? 

Are you filled with awe, comfort, or something else entirely?

Whatever your belief is of the Angelic realm, I invite you to open your heart and mind to the angels and allow their love and light to transform your life. Working with Angels you will experience a deeper sense of peace, joy, fulfilment and some fun too!

Let's experience some enchanting moments together, are you ready? 

Inviting Angelic Assistance into Your Life

Feeling the love from our supportive angels is as easy as becoming aware of the signs that they are around us, spotting a white feather drifting on your path, or even finding some money on the street! Their mystical presence surrounds us with positive vibes to help smooth out any bumps and twists on our journey. 

So, keep your eyes wide open, and let the magic unfold!

Following this simple process as a first step to calling their wisdom into your life 

  • Open your heart as you become aware of the Angels' presence to your call

  • Connect with your breath 

  • Focus on your need for guidance

  • Sense the energy shift that surrounds you in a moment of direct connection 

  • Ask whatever it is you need assistance with…

  • Be open to their response, it's their job, they are very responsive and love to help!

It's your job to trust & act on what comes back, no matter how "off the wall" it seems.

Another powerful way to send a direct message is the setting of an Intention.

With intention, seek their guidance through prayer, meditation, or a simple conversation, angels are always eager to help us. 

As a rule, they will only assist when asked! So you got to ASK!

So, if you're ready to experience something truly divine, try the simple process and invite them to join you on your journey. You'll be amazed at the magic they bring!   

I invite you to practice connecting with and receiving Angel Energy, for the next 30 days and would love to hear about the magical experiences they bring you by commenting on this blog post!

In the next of this blog series, I will share with you, my experiences working with the powerful “Named” and “Unnamed” Angels as they can help us navigate our daily lives, adding another layer of magical richness to your landscape. So, if you’re ready, take my hand and let's soar together with the Angels!

Feel free to reach out to learn more about Villia de Koningh Soul mentor

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Thanks for this inspiration. Trying it out now as I am longing for a practice for daily magic!


Sophie Fagan
Sophie Fagan
Jan 16

Loved reading this Blog! It;s reminded me that there is magic out there and given me the inspiration to connect with my Angels for support and guidance. Thank you!

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