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Boundaries... Your line in the sand! - Guest Blog by Claudia Kratzheller

As bodyworkers, we are in service of the well-being of our clients.

However, that does not mean you are 24/7 available for everything.

Clear boundary-keeping and managing expectations are key to preserving your inner energy and hence also being able to serve your clients at your best fully.


expectation management is what you expect from yourself and what others expect from you!

Practical examples:

For outside boundary keeping:

1) Declare them

2) Clear limits on your availability.

Example: For voice messages or apps: declare that you will get back within 48 h.

That defuses the expectation that you will answer straight away and creates a margin.

3) Experiment with Saying Yes, No and Maybe.

4) Create a non-negotiable time and activity for your own self-care.

How good are you to serve your clients if you don't take proper care of yourself?

5) Define limits on workload, and take proper breaks.

6) Turn your phone off.

Example from my own practice

I practice my pelvic ground matrix almost every morning.

It's the “church” I go into.

It gives me inner peace, strength, and

resilience and is a portal to creativity.

Alternatively: outdoor swimming.

All the year.

For inner boundary keeping:

1) Keep them – without being rigid or becoming a slave to them

2) Once you declared a limit, follow up on it inside.


You said you are not available, but you take a look anyway (!) on your phone and that triggers the urge to respond, even though it's not the moment for it.

Park it.

Lean back.

Take three deep breaths with a focus on the exhale

Observe your mind.

Open your eyes,

Direct your attention consciously to what you decide to do.

Even if that is: doing nothing!

Drop any notion of guilt, excuse, or rationalizing.

Last but not least, to a relative:

This is a quote from my former boss in Corporate:

“In the History of the Universe, is it important?”

There is a whole chapter on boundary-keeping with clients before and at the table,

but let's get into that another time.

More info


Also, take a look at this 2-month program:

Power-Presence-Pleasure through Pelvic Grounding

Boundary keeping included!

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