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Guest Blog Written by Lisa Frey - Dance Therapist and creator of Follow your Flow workshop

Updated: May 5, 2021

Ask your inner guide. “The only real valuable thing is intuition”. - Albert Einstein

If there is one thing I have felt could help us in these turbulent times, facing a virus that sometimes seems to control our lives: it’s strengthening our intuition! How do we do that? And what is this inner guide that leads us sometimes so accurately?

Intuition...what is it? What is this inner guide that leads us sometimes so accurately? That can give us a feeling so strong, we almost can’t ignore it and sometimes it’s so gentle, soft and subtle that we easily step over it? Intuition seems like a big word. For me, it has most of all to do with trusting our uniqueness, wisdom and the flow of life.

It’s also my number 1 medicine for boredom!

Do you remember those moments when you were acting as if something else was guiding you? You felt maybe certain sensations in your belly that told you something is not right about a situation. Perhaps you walked in a certain direction with pure assurance, as if you knew where to go. That was your intuition. Intuition means an “acute insight”, an “influence of non-conscious emotional information from the body or the brain” (Psychological Science). So, you are not thinking about it, you just receive an impulse. Albert Einstein believed “the only real valuable thing is intuition”.

Where is this information coming from?

Often in our society, this intuitive voice is not accepted as a “trusted source”. I remember oh so many situations where working with my intuition resulted in not being taken seriously. Luckily I didn’t give up. And now I am thankful because my intuition has given me the strength that I needed, to go my own path, build up my own business and live alone in a different country. Without trusting that inner voice I think I would have been quite lost and limited by what society defined as an accepted path.

We all have unique gifts, our own perspective to perceive the world. I believe that we are our own biggest guru. I mean, why did we fail, fall, fight, tumble, doubt, care so much our whole life? Just to let someone else decide for us? We went through all this – and actually not only us, already our ancestors – in order to develop our inner guiding system better and better. Thousands, yes millions of situations have been evaluated and stored in our bodies – that is a huge source of knowledge we have at our disposal. So, stop giving your power away and start trusting in yourself! (These are words I am telling also to myself!)

And, how do we do start trusting ourselves??

What I do for example is, I say to my body “now you lead”. I do this on my walks when I do groceries on the market when I dance when I sing actually with decisions of any kind.

I heard a singing teacher say recently “every time you let your body wisdom lead you, it's like a little death”. I can connect to that feeling a lot. For a moment you decide to not think, to not prepare yourself and think all possible options and outcomes through. You just trust – the moment. Something will come out. And with an open mind, a positive intention, but also the acceptance of all outcomes being okay, you are able to let life play for you (instead of your mind trying to play life). In the end, we can’t control everything anyway.

Becoming the leader of your life

You can probably see already where this leads to If you stop controlling and you let your life flow – using your body intuition as a trusted navigation system – you can experience something you would have never thought of. Life becomes a succession of surprises. Every moment is different and for you a chance to tune into your body and feel where it wants to go. It is a bit like being a child again. You let yourself surprise you. That is also why all kinds of playful actions help you to develop your sense of intuition.

Next to that, it makes life easier! There are too many complex situations and decisions every day to make – you just can’t think them all through. If you learn to trust your inner wisdom more you will probably see quickly that things you elaborate normally for a long time, can also be quite simple. Ask yourself the question that’s on your mind but this time with the intention that you already know the answer. Now see what comes up. Often the first answer that is arising is a good choice. It’s the doubts that time after time can make it messy and chaotic.

Let’s play again!

Throw yourself in new situations, situations you can’t predict. Where you have no other choice than to trust your intuition. The more often you do that – the more opportunities you have to find yourself in encounters or situations that seem so “right”, so “to the point” – the more you will trust that voice.

There is a part in us that just knows. How cool is that? Let’s use it!

More about Lisa and her intuitive work:

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