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Kisses from nature - Guest Blog by Rita de Boer

Sometimes you need a kiss from nature to realize that you need a change...

Recently, I felt stuck about my work and how people react to me. Feeling vulnerable about showing up as I am in my quest to find love and beauty in all we do.

Then late one night when I was about to go to sleep, a big spider appeared on my bedroom wall. Within a split second I was startled, jumped up and while counting my options I became aware that she was aware of me. Eerie...

Realizing that she was high up and out of my reach I needed support. My son, a foot taller than I am, came to the rescue with a mobile kitchen staircase. Or at least, that is what it seemed. He approached the spider gently and almost caught her with a glass and paper but just at that moment, she jumped! Whoops. Gone she was. We looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be found.

Grumpily I moved back into bed knowing that she was probably eying me from somewhere.

Breathing in, breathing out. Not feeling very relaxed. And then with a triumphant yell, my son came bursting in:” Mom, I got her I got her. In the kitchen.” Hmm? What happened? Miraculously, the spider had jumped from high on the wall onto the mobile staircase and was happily transported to the kitchen without us being aware of it.

My belly had to laugh and sigh in relief. I was able to settle down, but I had also become very curious about Jumping Spiders.

It turns out that in many native traditions, Spider is a symbol of fate and creativity, of weaving

webs to filter in the good and keep out the bad. Spider also shows up as a trickster, making us aware with unexpected moves that things are not what they seem, ushering us to be ready for the unexpected. Not from a place of fear but in wonderment, being ready for the joy of life.

The joy of life is also a theme that belongs to the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year when we transition from Spring to Summer: from bursting energy to warmth and shining brightly.

On 18 June, we celebrate this transition from Spring to Summer with a SoulFire Ritual event at Embodied Empowerment. An afternoon of me-time in which we will gently explore the

whisperings of our bodies and what it is inside us that could use some warmth. What part of you would love to move towards shining brightly?

We will gather around the Fire in ceremony and would love to share this ritual event with you.

- Putting your Soul into the Light -

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