Orange “Second Chakra” April soup of the Month

We at Embodied Empowerment are strong believers in the power of nourishment through food. Food is a wonderful way to connect to nature, ourselves and each other. In fact whenever our team meets up or we hold our ‘Practitioner meet-ups’ we always share food together.

“I’ve always been a strong believer in ‘Soup Therapy’,'' explains Sophie co-founder of Embodied Empowerment. “Whenever I feel stressed, overwhelmed, emotional or just a bit meh, I make soup! Taking the time to choose the right recipe to suit my mood, carefully selecting the stars of the show - my chosen vegetables! Followed by the wonderfully grounding and simple act of chopping and stirring when cooking. Finally finishing with being able to nourish me from the inside, by eating up a delicious soup I took the time to create all for me… and any lucky pals I chose to share it with!”

Enjoy our monthly Blog Post - Soup of The Month where we share a new seasonal, nourishing soup recipe every month.

Here’s this month's recipe from our resident Chef Nicoletta Tavella - La Cucina del Sole.

This soup will awaken your second chakra, the Sacral one, associated with creativity, sensuality and emotions and with the colour orange. It’ll give you a boost of energy when you’re feeling down, and/or need to spice up your love life.

Hot hot hot, baby! :)

We’re using three wonderful orange ingredients: carrots, red lentils - why are they called red when they’re actually orange? :) - and butternut squash. Plus a generous amount of ginger and a pinch of hot paprika, both warming and comforting.