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Surrender, the automatic response of a Four Hands Massage.

Guest blog - Hanna Bloemhof

Is there a way to enable massage clients to drop into a deep state of surrender and relaxation in both body and mind within minutes of being on the massage table?

Even for those busy-minded and highly anxious clients who find it hard to quieten their minds and be in their bodies?

The simple answer is YES!

The Magic of Four Hands Massage

Before a massage clients can let go, they need to be guided in such a way that they experience a deep sense of surrender, of completely letting go. Basically, getting the mind (who loves to be in control) out of the way. This is the magical place where true healing can begin.

A Four Hands Massage in its essence facilitates this unique experience of guided surrender. Within minutes of the client receiving from the two - yes two! - massage therapists who are connected and attuned to each other and the client themselves, the magic begins to unfold.

The fluidity and connection of the massage strokes brings the client receiving into an incredible sensory experience. The brain cannot keep track and make sense of the array of synchronised movements.

Therefore, the brain stops thinking and focuses on the sensations, bringing the client into the present. There is no more thinking to be done and thus they surrender fully to the experience. For the therapists giving the massage, the dance between all three intensifies and enriches the experience. The connection is now going in multiple directions. Therapist to therapist, therapist to the client and of course the collective energy you create together.

As a therapist giving a Four hands massage is connecting, inspiring and nourishing for your craft. Being part of a team, practising synchronised massage movements, connecting in pace and pressure. Co-creating and celebrating together. Working from a place of heart-to-heart-to-heart connection. Magic! And the gateway to full immersion.

Calling all Massage therapists and Bodyworkers!

Would you like to experience the magic yourself? Train in intuitive massage techniques?

Discover how you can co-create a delightful playful four-hands massage experience. Book your spot for the next Four Hands Massage training.

Date: Monday 28 November Time: 9:30 - 16:30 Location: Nieuwe Kerkstraat 126, Amsterdam Language: English Teachers: Sophie Fagan and Hanna Bloemhof

Price: Regular birds 95 euro excl btw Embodied Empowerment members 75 euro excl btw Lunch and refreshments included. More about the training:

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