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The way we survive birth = how we survive life - Guest blog by Vera van Os - Keijzer

At the moment you were born you experienced the most spectacular journey of your life.

You had to navigate a minimal and narrow space, scraping over the lumbar spine of your mom, hitting her sit bones, getting stuck at the sacrum, and finding your way underneath the pubic bone.

There were choices to make and overwhelming moments of pain and despair, and you experienced that all alone and in the dark.

At least in the case you were born vaginally. In the case of a C-section, there were a lot of other experiences that left you confused and breathless.

Your little brain cells were at their peak in making neural connections and so this journey got printed in. Into your body, without the ability to give words or meaning to what happened to you.

Safe in your mother's arms you probably have tried to tell her what happened to you, in your own language; crying.

And your mom was hussing you, carrying you, feeding you or in despair leaving you alone crying, without really knowing what it was you were crying about.

You just wanted to share what happened to you.

The story of the baby is still living inside of us all, and when we listen and look, we can see this story in repeating behaviour, our stress, our ability to connect to other people, and how we give birth.

In this way, we survive life.

What was imprinted then will keep on repeating until we bring it to our conscious knowledge. Only then can we take steps to free ourselves from our birth patterns. experience more freedom and make space for our original blueprint.

Babies of all ages have a story to tell and I love to listen to them all to make sense of the operating system running in the background.

The story of your birth, the story of your life.

Vera van Os - Keijzer Postpartum Doula and Massage Therapist

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