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When Fire is not allowed... Guest blog by Rita de Boer - Fire Woman

A few weeks ago, no Fire was allowed on the nature campsite where we stayed with a large group of people.

It was not allowed by the forest ranger. Many Fires were prepared, Ceremonial Fires, cared for by experienced Fire Keepers who always put safety first. It wasn't allowed. So, Fire rituals became Water rituals and Firebirds showed up to spice it up. And although this creativity led to beautiful gatherings, something essential was missing. In the meantime, small fire explosions arose; in the garbage can, at the bottom of a dress and among people... Fortunately, enough rain fell, the drought phase was lifted and our request to allow Ceremonial Fire was heard.

In the following days, we were allowed to make Fire. The joy was great and so was the sorrow for the Fires that had not been lit. Fire has a purifying power that connects and transforms. A beautiful power that invites and nurtures gatherings to build communities. Come and experience it during one of the upcoming Fire Rituals such as the SoulFire Ritual to celebrate the changing of seasons at Embodied Empowerment.

Or the Sweat Lodge, a purifying Ceremony where all nature elements work together and lead the way to show us what transformation is about. Check out the event page for more details and please reach out to me if you want to know more! There is a light, it never goes out!

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