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Creating a home where we inspire, support and grow together as well-being practitioners

As a self employed well-being practitioner you are basically a superhero! It's wonderfully fulfilling work that nourishes you on so many levels.


However that doesn’t make it easy. You are often working on your own. It can be just you and your clients all day.

Besides that, you need to manage your own admin, marketing and so much more. And let's not forget the most important thing: your own self care.


We at Embodied Empowerment feel there is a real need for community and working together is key to yours and your businesses well-being.

A unique location

You get priority to host your event at our wonderful location on the lake in the heart of Amsterdam.

Grow your online presence

We celebrate you and your events online for everyone to see!

Co-create and develop

Our community is a fertile ground for new ideas and collaborations to be born and develop.

community of like-minded practitioners

Ongoing peer vision meetups so we can lean on and learn from each other.

Why join our community?


Financial support - As part of your membership you benefit from discounted rates both for the rental of our location and for events hosted by Embodied Empowerment


Promoting you and your practice - As a member of our community you will be showcased in our members page with links to your own business pages and social media making it easy for people to find you and book your services. 


Growing your online presence - We celebrate you as our treasured member though blog posts and our social media channels. 


Inspiration and development - We run members events to keep you motivated and inspired to keep exploring and developing as a practitioner.


Support - We host regular peer-vision and support groups. A safe space to share any challenges, air ideas and gain valuable feedback from your well-being practitioner colleagues.


Your well-being is so interconnected with those around you, your community and the environment. If your community is doing well, you are doing well. That is why we work in nature near the lake and with local community groups.

“I love working with Embodied empowerment! As a massage therapist my work is quite solo, so I enjoy working together with other body-workers and healers. Giving a four hand massage is just as magical to give as to receive.

Laura Douwes - Bergen

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