Wildlife Wellness Walks

In collaboration with various residents, entrepreneurs and neighbourhood partners, we bring people from the neighborhood together.


Each walk is a full loop around the Sloterplas with a break for the themed activity. Attention is paid to mental health and tips and tools are provided that help to take better care of yourself.

The walk starts and ends at Scouting Sarto on the Sloterplas, takes 2.5 hours and is about 5 kilometers long. A maximum of 30 people can participate at a time. Afterwards, a healthy meal (soup and a sandwich) is eaten together.


The Wildlife Wellness Walks will hopefully take place in 2022. If all works out! We are currently in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West competition for neighborhood initiatives.

A large part of the residents in Geuzenveld, Slotermeer and Slotervaart have a vulnerable socio-economic status and suffer from poor health.


The population consists of people from different cultural backgrounds. It is apparent that social cohesion in the neighbourhoods is relatively low. There is more tension and discrimination between residents and strong feelings of insecurity.


At the same time, pollution on the street is a major annoyance. To combat the waste problem and to make the living environment cleaner, Embodied Empowerment is organizing the Wildlife Wellness Walks in 2022.


During these walks people get moving, contact is made with other people from the neighborhood and the area around the Sloterplas is cleaned up.


Physical and mental health come together for the perfect balance between body, mind and soul.


We look after each other and the environment by being in nature and cleaning up the area.


Eating nutritious food is a wonderful way to connect to nature, ourselves and each other. 


Meet your neighbors and our unique community who are here to support your well-being journey.

Wildlife Wellness Walks are nature walks and focus on (mental) health, contact with the neighborhood and a clean living environment.We believe that the key to feeling a true sense of well-being and happiness is through an experience of connection. Connection to nature, to community and to ourselves.

Sophie Fagan (founder Embodied Empowerment)



Embodied Empowerment is a community of well-being professionals and practitioners of body-oriented therapy.


We provide wellness events, experiences, retreats, classes and events at a wonderful location at the Sloterplas.


Our mission is to help people discover, through mind-body experiences, how to take care of their own well-being and to make theses experiences accessible for people of all walks of life.

By getting people from different backgrounds moving together, we strengthen social cohesion and make neighborhoods stronger and more livable.


- Keep moving -

- Be in nature -

- Get to know people -

- Take care of yourself -

- Feel better -



Our location

Our unique location is set within Sloterplas Park, situated alongside the water on a peaceful island off the main park area.

Part of our approach is to offer our unique location to well-being practitioners and teachers so together we can strengthen ourselves and the community around us. Meet the professionals on our member page or join the community yourself.

If you are interested in hosting your event our class with us, you can book the location.

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Embodied Empowerment
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