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Barbera Muller

Massage Therapist

Keeping yourself open to the new things in life is a common thread in my life. My curiosity ensures that I am involved and inquisitive by nature. One of the new things I have entered into in my life is a study holistic massage therapy at the Academy of Massage and Movement. During this study, I learned to listen to my body. I started walking a path that brought me closer to my body and therefore closer to myself. The body already knew before, which I later became more aware of. And I am still deepening this awareness. I give this to everyone.

In 2016 I started my own practice Be MASSAGE as a certified holistic masseur. As an independent masseur, I have massaged at Dr Feelgood, a renowned massage company in Amsterdam and led a private practice with fellow holistic masseurs at a hotel blooming in Bergen.

I completed the 4-year HBO training as a massage therapist in 2020 with final research into the relationship between physical letting go and behavioural letting go. Since the end of 2020, the practice has been located in Alkmaar with a focus on massage therapy.

Be massage is registered with the professional association LVNT, formerly VNT and LVNG, and is affiliated with the umbrella association RBCZ (Register of Professional Practitioners Complementary Care). Be massage meets the PLATO requirements. Be massage is affiliated with SCAG (Foundation for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare). In contact with my clients, the provisions, professional code and complaints and disciplinary regulations of the LVNT and RBCZ apply.

Barbera Muller

+31 623489206

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