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Sophie Fagan

Co Founder - TaiChi - Massage Therapist

Sophie is the Co-Founder of Embodied Empowerment.

She strongly believes in the ability to empower others to enhance their own well-being through experiencing new ways of connecting with themselves and the environment that surrounds them.

"We have to experience something in body and mind to truly know if it serves us"- says Sophie.

Strength in community is also at the foundation of how Sophie likes to work and be in the world. This is why she creates regular events and ways for fellow practitioners to come together at Embodied Empowerment to support, inspire and connect with eachother.

Sophie is also a Holistic Massage therapist and teacher offering client sessions and workshops in Amsterdam and Utrecht as well as online.

She is also a Tai Chi and Chi Gong Teacher offering workshops and retreats all year round.

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