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Embodied Empowerment

Embodied Empowerment is an open-to-all community that provides wellness events, experiences, retreats, and so much more.

Our mission is to help people discover, through mind-body experiences, how to take care of their own well-being.

Sophie Fagan, Co- Founder of Embodied Empowerment, says:

‘Until we go through an experience, feel its effects in our bodies and minds, it’s difficult to truly understand whether or not it serves us. This can relate to people we connect with, places we go, or the kinds of things we like to do with our time.

It’s a bit like eating, in a way - how can you know if something tastes and makes you feel good unless you give it a try? Sometimes the only way to fully experience something, or find out what works for you, is to bite the bullet and give it a go!’

Through collaborating with therapists, healers, and wellness practitioners of all kinds, we embrace the moto, ‘strength in community, not competition.’ Because, as well as facilitating unique mind-body experiences for all of our participants, we also aim to showcase the extraordinary skills of our range of talented therapists.

In this way, we hope to build a strong, supportive network of collaborators who continually learn from each other, and grow. And help people from all walks of life to embody their own empowerment.


Our Team

Sophie Fagan

Villia de Koningh

Kim Nooij

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“Embodied Empowerment, I love you! The events I had the blessing to be part of, were so beautiful and touching. Embodied Empowerment creates a wonderful, balanced and harmonious team which makes that the events are organized well, run smoothly, and it is obvious in everything that their whole heart and soul is in it. 

Thank you for creating this space where we can connect, create, evolve and share. I am honored to be connected to this wonderful initiative.”

Francis Luz - Amsterdam

Our partners

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