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TaiChi at Work


Tai Chi will equip employees with an opportunity to learn de-stressing techniques that they can easily and readily implement into their daily lives and in turn, prevent burn-out.


 Intention of programme  


  • To provide a nourishing environment for employees to come together, slow down and learn new skills to feel empowered to take better care of their well-being

  • To learn through the medium of Tai Chi, ways to release tension in your body and calm your mind. 

  • By learning different Tai Chi practices and embodying the principles of Tai Chi we hope to prevent the build-up of stress and improve our own energy management. 

  • Improve our ability to feel our own boundaries when it comes to giving just enough energy for what is required of us rather than overgiving and stepping beyond our own capacity.


Year Programme

  • 9 x sessions per year on a monthly basis excluding the months of July, August and December

  • Each session is 60 minutes.

  • January and November are the exceptions at 90minutes. This is to allow extra time for the opportunity to set goals and intentions for the year of training together and for reflection at the end of the programme.

  • Cost €1125 for year programme (discount for year-long commitment)

  • Includes exercises to do at home and ongoing guidance and support to enable participants to develop their own home practice.

One-off workshops

  • €150 for up to 60minutes in person (max 15 participants) €15 per extra participant

  • €100 for up to 60minutes online (max 15 participants) €15 per extra participant

Lesson Format

  • Lessons can be delivered either in person or online via zoom.

  • Lessons can be adjusted to suit the needs of participants, for example, those who are unable to stand or may have disabilities of some kind.

Interested in running a wellness at work programme or would like more information 


We will be glad to hear from you and to assist in your investment in the well-being of your employees.

“After months of feeling tired, having back pains and feeling restless, I had a very focused, energetic day and I felt much more self-confident. That must be the result of this experience!”

Marije Severs (Amsterdam Nieuw-West)



Embodied Empowerment is a community of well-being professionals and practitioners of body-oriented therapy.


We provide wellness events, experiences, retreats, classes and events at a wonderful location at the Sloterplas.


Our mission is to help people discover, through mind-body experiences, how to take care of their own well-being and to make theses experiences accessible for people of all walks of life.

Through every experience, you go through you gain more and more insights within your body and mind. This is the beginning of creating your unique life navigation tool kit! Something that you can lean on and depend on when life gets that particular flavour of interesting!


We at Embodied Empowerment endeavour to keep providing you and our ever growing community more opportunities to build up your tool kit.





Our location

EE location available for events

Our unique location is set within Sloterplas Park, situated alongside the water on a peaceful island off the main park area.

Part of our approach is to offer our unique location to well-being practitioners and teachers so together we can strengthen ourselves and the community around us. Meet the professionals on our member page or join the community yourself.

If you are interested in hosting your event our class with us, you can book the location.

Send us a request!

Embodied Empowerment
Christoffel Plantijngracht 6 

1065 DA Amsterdam

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