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De-stress program for teachers

​Part 1: De-stressing tools

  • Participants who sign up for the program will attend weekly sessions for 8 consecutive weeks.

  • These sessions themselves are for 180 minutes. 

  • Each session will consist of active and experiential learning.

  • In addition to the sessions there will be home practice tasks in which the participants integrate and practice the skills they have learnt - during session - at home.

  • Journaling - participants will be encouraged to keep a journal for reflective practice and to highlight any challenges that may arise.

Part 2: Mindful mindset Integration

After the 8 week program - participants get to decide which of the de-stressing techniques  resonated most with them. They can explore deeper by attending classes to fully integrate what supports the destination, sustaining the embodiment of a mindful, stress-less life.

Pilot Amsterdam Nieuw-West

We are currently looking for schools in Amsterdam Nieuw-West that want to run a pilot with us. Get in touch if you are interested.

Due to the corona crisis, we are experiencing a higher workload than ever. Teachers and healthcare workers in particular complain about stress. Research is showing that millions of people are under high pressure and are feeling exhausted.

Embodied Empowerment has developed a  mindfulness based de-stressing technique program aimed at teachers.


This program is developed to equip teachers with a variety of de stressing techniques that they can easily and readily implement into their daily lives.


This will in turn prevent teachers from getting into burn-out. Thus providing stable support and education for the students and creating less pressure on the school as a whole.

Working with two principle set of tools:

  1. Learning to notice stress responses coming on within their body and mind.

  2. Empowering teachers with mind-body techniques to come out of the stress response and remain there in the longer term.

How it works
The de-stress program is an 12 week program based on a holistic approach to well-being. The first part exists of 8 weekly sessions each with a different theme. The second part is the phase of integration and lasts 4 weeks. 


week #1

the magic of cultivating a mindful mindset

We begin by getting to know each other learning what it is to be mindful and of how stress affects our overall well-being.


We explore being the Sacred Observer and how to disengage our Auto-Pilot inquire into what it is to be a Human doing v/s being.


We end by creating your Universe map reflecting your current situation.

week #2

breath is your superpower

We focus on the breath, what our breath is telling us about our current state of mind, utilizing it to calm the mind, soothe emotions and recenter or focus.


Experiencing being breath and traveling with your breath through a guided visualization.

week #3

landscape of stress and fluid body obstacles

Obstacles and how to overcome them. 

Perspectives where they originate and seeing obstacles in a positive way.


Body awareness of what needs attention in your body by exploring Movement.

week #4

Boundary keeper and soothing sound

Sitting in awareness with the inner Boundary sentinel, and the effects when they are breached.


Investigating the subtle difference of Compassion v/s Empathy, which serves you best?

Dive into a soothing and deeply healing sound bath, as you feel your emotions.

week #5

thoughts are thoughts. Let's get creative.

We discover that thoughts are not facts, but the minds way of weighing up what is known and what is present in your beliefs.


Then we get juicily creative as we engage with our inner Artist.

week #6

voluminous silence and selfcare

Connect to the unending landscape within through silence.


Tap into the vase space of insight and shelter within that unfolds as we respond to the messages received from your soul of what you need.


Perceive the healing energy of self-care through tender touch

week #7

daily choices - nutrition and selfcare

We look at our daily choices investigating the Juicers & Zappers redressing their balance.


We focus on food choices, do they Nurioush or clog and Nutritional v/s Emotional eating.

week #8

bringing it all together

Reflecting how a mindful mindset cultivates resilience to stress we bring all we learned together.


We re-image our Universe map as we complete our plan for supporting a mindful life.

“After months of feeling tired, having back pains and feeling restless, I had a very focused, energetic day and I felt much more self-confident. That must be the result of this experience!”

Marije Severs (Amsterdam Nieuw-West)



Embodied Empowerment is a community of well-being professionals and practitioners of body-oriented therapy.


We provide wellness events, experiences, retreats, classes and events at a wonderful location at the Sloterplas.


Our mission is to help people discover, through mind-body experiences, how to take care of their own well-being and to make theses experiences accessible for people of all walks of life.

Through every experience, you go through you gain more and more insights within your body and mind. This is the beginning of creating your unique life navigation tool kit! Something that you can lean on and depend on when life gets that particular flavour of interesting!


We at Embodied Empowerment endeavour to keep providing you and our ever growing community more opportunities to build up your tool kit.





Our location

EE Location available for events

Our unique location is set within Sloterplas Park, situated alongside the water on a peaceful island off the main park area.

Part of our approach is to offer our unique location to well-being practitioners and teachers so together we can strengthen ourselves and the community around us. Meet the professionals on our member page or join the community yourself.

If you are interested in hosting your event our class with us, you can book the location.

Send us a request!

Embodied Empowerment
Christoffel Plantijngracht 6 

1065 DA Amsterdam

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