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Benedetta Bambagioni

Transformational Life Coach & Intuitive Guide

Beni is a transformational life coach and intuitive space holder. Her offerings and services stem from her own transformation story. 

From burnt-out corporate architecture and design employee, to a soul-led entrepreneur.

Here to guide you to your own peace and fulfilment.

To connect to your inner well of potential and experience your whole self in a deeper more integrated way. Her practice holds space for the parts of your spirit you may have forgotten about, neglected or cast aside and begin to plant compassion, love and excitement there.

She works with a range of different modalities including art therapy, imaginative visualisation and reiki energy healing, her energy guides women in connecting to their own intuitive wisdom.

Working with Beni you can expect to experience life with more ease, and compassion, to grow your self-confidence and connect to your own truth and authenticity. 

Offering 1-1 sessions, upcoming group workshops and group programmes, learn more and connect with Benedetta: 

instagram: @beni_knows_best



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