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Katty Heath

Moonsong Sound Healing & Voicework

A bit about me: I am originally from England and have lived in Amsterdam since 2011.

I have been a professional singer/songwriter for over 20 years.

Alongside my career in the music industry I have also been giving piano and singing lessons. In recent years I became more interested in the healing power of singing and music. I started up 'Find your voice' workshops and led mantra singing circles at various festivals and events.

Last year I traveled to Bali to train with world class Sound Healer Shervin Baloorian, graduate of one of the world’s foremost sound healing academies (Tama-Do). What I learnt there was life- changing, not just for me as a musician but it was also a Spiritual turning point. Moving from my identity as a performer to a healer was a huge shift. It fills me with joy, love and purpose to be able to serve others this way.

I now provide Sound Meditations for groups or one to one sessions, incorporating my voice as part of the journey, along with a variety of beautiful instruments from around the world.

During a session, the listener lays down to be washed in a sea of different sound and vibrations. The result is a creation of beautiful harmony, a journey through the elements and connection to nature. The recipient can enter into a deep meditative state in which they may experience clarity, release, balancing of chakra centres, and much more.

I also continue to give voice workshops or private lessons. This involves a variety of vocal warming up exercises, breathing techniques, throat chakra stimulation, vocal toning, chanting and Mantra singing.

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