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Silencing the busyness

Last week, I visited my daughter in Sweden. Snow arrived at the same time, and it became my silent travel partner for a few days. How lovely it was to be catapulted into the winter season.

Enjoying the snowflakes touching my cheeks and the cracking sound of fresh snow under my boots.

The snow’s make-over city scenery was enchanting. And every time we went outside, I woke up to the cold crispness of the air. But most of all, I enjoyed the silence that came with the snowfall.

A silence so omnipresent and enchanting. Nothing to do anymore.

As if moving through the snow, I was kindly invited to let go of my busyness and just be.

Nothing else.

My silent travel partner was generously gifting me the way to reconnect with my inner self. Just like that.

I wish for all of us that we may experience a lot more silence. Snow silence.

The kind of silence that nurtures your senses.

That brings tranquillity and sprouts new perspectives and clarity.

Goodies that make your life juicy and meaningful. You only have to stop and allow it to happen.

If you feel a call for silencing your busyness and welcoming in the invitation to slow down, pause and move inward, you may want to join our upcoming

SoulFire Ritual event on Sunday 10 December from 1.30 to 5 pm.

And who knows, we may be having a fire in the snow.

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