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Listening to your Soul - Guest blog by Rita de Boer - Fire Woman

According to the Chinese astrological calendar, this year is the year of the Dragon and promises to be a year of transformation on all layers.

When I first heard about this, I immediately pictured myself transformed: floating on the waves of the sea with my smiling face in the direction of the setting sun while clients and fans arrived naturally on my path.

I saw myself being showered in golden light and surrounded by gold nuggets in an overflowing abundance 😊 which turns out to be just wishful thinking.

The Dragon invites us to go for it. No holding back. Being fully present on our life path and open and ready to ride the waves as they come and go. My Chinese medicine teacher is teaching me the Swimming Dragon Qi Kung to learn how to embody the Dragon, feel the Dragon and allow the Dragon energy to come within. I am loving it as moving like a Dragon reconnects me with my Soul.

Listening to my Soul is what I tend to forget and only after some serious calls from within; falling from my bike; forgetting appointments; getting stuck on trivial mishaps, I remember. Doing my Dragon moves, it feels like I am sliding into my skin and diving into life with confidence and trust, with loving and vibrant energy, ready to swim and dance with whatever comes. 

Becoming aware of the whisperings of your Soul can be bittersweet and juicy, remembering your way home to that place within. Whether you call that place Soul or Source, Cosmic Energy or God or something else. A place to replenish, to find consolation and love.

Nothing to do, just be.

How is listening to your Soul for you?

What happens if you do?

What does that look like?

Or do you tend to forget your Soul?

If you want to experience Swimming Dragon and be in a nourishing gathering around the Fire, feel welcome to join the next SoulFire Ritual event at Embodied Empowerment.

In the meantime, I am wishing you playful Dragon energy to guide you to your full potential with love and kindness!

The next SoulFire Ritual event is on Sunday 21 April and is hosted by Rita and Isabelle.

Come and experience it during one of the upcoming Fire Rituals such as the SoulFire Ritual to celebrate the changing of seasons at Embodied Empowerment.

Or the Sweat Lodge, a purifying Ceremony where all nature elements work together and lead the way to show us what transformation is about. Check out the event page for more details and please reach out to me if you want to know more! 

There is a light, it never goes out!

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Rita de Boer - Fire Woman - go here

Isabelle Mambote

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